File corrupt. Earlier version of my model available?

Chome must have crashed while the model was saved.
After restarting and opening the file i get an empty space and the message “File not found or invalid”.
Thumbnail looks OK.
Is there a previous version on the cloud store? Can Trimble help me retrieve it? Or is there another way to repair the file ?

You might try going directly to your Trimble Connect account to see what is shown for files there.

Thanks for your tip. In trimble connect i can see 33 versions that has been saved of my file. However all versions seems to reside in the same file. The file still appears to be corrupt and I find no way to open a previous versions of the file without getting the same error. I think that you need either a repair-tool or a previous version of the whole file.

It’s amazing that there are 33 versions of the SKP and they are all corrupt. Not sure if someone from the team can or will be able to help you. I expect someone will look in eventually. Maybe @Barry. But you might want to go ahead and start the model again just in case the old one can’t be recovered. You’ll probably be faster modeling it and do things more efficiently the next time around anyway.

I just found out that i was able open an older version of the file. :-> My previous assumptions where wrong. Thanks again.

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Hi guys i have problem about my files. It got corrupted after the day when I opened it. someone help me about this. Im frustrated to fix it. Please help me. It is my project and need to pass it as soon as possible. Many thanks to you guys. :weary:
I will upload my file here help me guys.

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