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Hello everyone from Sketchup and Trimble.

I am coming back to the interior design market, here in Brazil. So I
decided to learn how to use Sketchup to improve my job. I got my first
cliente and I am so happy! But I am modelling at sketchup online to try it,
and then decided if I am gonna buy a licence or try another software.

*But something happend and I can not access my file in my Trimble account.
This is the message: - File not found or invalid

I sent an e-mail for Trimble and they sad theu could not do anything, so I should talk to Sketchup.
Please Please Please, I really have to finish this model as soom as
possible!!! How can I fixed that? How can I have my model back?

So did you login and use the same account? It should be saved there. Private message me if that doesn’t work.

Hi Berry, Yes. …the file is in my account, but I can not open it. Everytime that I try there is a message: File not found oR Invalid

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I often get the same message, and that on drawings I have just saved and closed.
I’m so lucky that, as a “pro” user, I can access the drawing via Layout, if I in layout “unlink” my model first.
This issue has occurred with the 2018 update, and may be expensive for me because some drawings may take several days, even weeks to create or recreate.

Mine is doing the exact same thing is there any way to open a older version? Or anything I can see my file.

Just found out you can access older version on trimble account if you login threw there website.

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I’m not sure if this is covered better in some other Forum thread. But I thought I’d chime in on this one since I just lost my 2nd large model due to this issue. That’s many hours of work down the drain unless someone can find a way to resurrect files.

It took quite a bit to get comfortable with the idea of storing my drawings in the cloud and running the application through the web browser. But after a while, I started to enjoy the portability of it all. That being said, if we don’t have a safe place to store our work, then there is no point in using the tool. No?

Please, if someone from the company is out there listening, it would be great to resolve this. It is a fundamental part of the program.


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Hi Jonathon,

Sorry to hear you lost some work- I’m keen to work with you to figure out why this is happening. Can you provide some more information to help us track down the root cause? We have pushed quite a few updates since the original post in this thread, so if you are seeing a problem, it is likely something new to us.

Some helpful info would include the browser/version you are using and maybe a little about your connection to the internet.


Hi John,

I’ve been switching between two machines in different locations. Both have pretty robust Internet connections. Both have been running Sketchup under Chrome (Likely not the same versions. I can report these if you feel it might help.) Most of the time, the corruption occurs when I move from the home machine to the work machine and try to open the design there. After that, it is corrupted on both machines. Thankfully, I’ve been able to access older revisions through the other Trimble login: My model is up around 75MB in size at this point. It sure would be good to get to the bottom of this. BTW, the file saves and loads are really slow - significantly slower than one would expect with the bandwidth of my connections. Is there a lot going on behind the scenes during these operations? Thanks for your help.

  • Jonathan

I’ve been in a classroom where the teacher logged in so a kid could work, but then have the teacher present at the end of class. What the student noticed was that they lost access to the file, it appeared to be gone, but the other account had it. And when logged out and back in, on one machine, everything returned to normal. Now this may or may not be the case, but I’d suggest NOT keeping the file open or account logged in at multiple locations.

At 75MB, a file is going to stress the system. We only allow 50MB max on 3D Warehouse, and depending on the model, that can really stress an entire system.

I PM’d you a question or two, and if we get to a point of repro’ing this, we can post it here.


Hi Barry,

The file didn’t actually disappear from the system. It was there, and I could even see that the thumbnail picture representing the project was accurate (with the latest updates). It was only when I attempted to load or open the file that the error message popped up in its own window.

It’s good to know that perhaps I’m running into a file size issue. Thanks for that heads-up.

  • Jonathan

Same exact issue. File not found or invalid. Thumbnail still visible in my trimble through sketchup online. but when I attempt to open, it errors out.

What happens if you sign in to your Trimble Connect account directly? Can you access the SketchUp file and download it to your computer? Then open it from there?

Same result. I’m trying to see if I can find a “previous Version” now.

Hi @david.r.watson23 ,

Is the file you’re trying to open a model you created in SketchUp for Web, or an older desktop version?

If you need to download an older version, I wrote up some instructions in this forum thread.


Hello, I HAVE A FIX FOR THIS ANNOYANCE! (if you are using chrome, web based)

I have been having this issue on 2 computers, it mainly happened when adding 3D warehouse files.
And it only happens in chrome. If your files are still in trimble connect but you cannot get them through sketchup because it says something along the lines of ‘error accessing/finding files, please try again later’

What you need to do is reset chrome, you do this by clicking:

  • settings - advanced - restore settings to original defaults

This should solve the problem, I couldnt find this information anywhere, I think chrome cloggs up.

P.S I think this is the reason someone could open files on one computer but not another.

I hope this helps.

Dear all,

I’m currently experiencing troubles with opening a file via trimble on sketchup web free.

I have tried all above mentioned possible solutions. The file is in my trimble account and also earlier versions are available.

I am not that experienced with solving these kind of issues, so it would be great if someone can give me advice!

Thanks in advance.

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