File Not Found or invalid - Sketchup online Free


Hello everyone from Sketchup and Trimble.

I am coming back to the interior design market, here in Brazil. So I
decided to learn how to use Sketchup to improve my job. I got my first
cliente and I am so happy! But I am modelling at sketchup online to try it,
and then decided if I am gonna buy a licence or try another software.

*But something happend and I can not access my file in my Trimble account.
This is the message: - File not found or invalid

I sent an e-mail for Trimble and they sad theu could not do anything, so I should talk to Sketchup.
Please Please Please, I really have to finish this model as soom as
possible!!! How can I fixed that? How can I have my model back?


So did you login and use the same account? It should be saved there. Private message me if that doesn’t work.


Hi Berry, Yes. …the file is in my account, but I can not open it. Everytime that I try there is a message: File not found oR Invalid


I often get the same message, and that on drawings I have just saved and closed.
I’m so lucky that, as a “pro” user, I can access the drawing via Layout, if I in layout “unlink” my model first.
This issue has occurred with the 2018 update, and may be expensive for me because some drawings may take several days, even weeks to create or recreate.


Mine is doing the exact same thing is there any way to open a older version? Or anything I can see my file.


Just found out you can access older version on trimble account if you login threw there website.