The usual complaint ... again

Even with the incredible lag and poor performance, I can still get my work done. But I can’t get my work done when Layout decides it no longer wants to work and it crashes and shuts down every single time I try to render a model on a page. Big model, tiny model, doesn’t matter.
There’s no need to upload what I’m working on, I just want to add my voice to the growing number of disgruntled users.


That sounds to me like a bad install and/or user modeling techniques. Try uninstall and reinstall as administrator.

There are many that have success with SU and LO. It doesn’t seem that way on here because you only hear about the issues from a tiny sampling of actual users.


Without statistics it’s a hard argument to make, but I know I’m not alone with my gripes, there’s been plenty of posts on here and other forums about Layout’s performance issues.
And all the gymnastics that need to be done in order to get it useable isn’t really helping the situation, we shouldn’t have to do IT work on top of whatever else we do.

I will do a clean install like you recommended, but this is now my 3rd version of SU/LO and the problems haven’t gone away.
And today the same exact model, while a little laggy and has crashed 2x in the past few hours, is much more useable, with only a fraction of the hangups and crashes I was experiencing last night. It all just seem random.


Don’t use Vector or Hybrid rendering with models that have many edges.

For a quick statistic just search annual downloads of SU. Then divide that by the total member base….you’ll see the tiny fraction of a percent. All forums are like this whether it is a car forum or a software forum.

I rarely have LO crash and a SU crash is extremely rare. I can typically create a design set of a site plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations and perspectives in about an hour from scratch using 3 separate LO templates that will then be used through each phase of the project. All these files are stable and fast.

The number one reason people have issues with LO is they overload capacity with a single file construction document or don’t understand the memory required to vector render or hybrid render a complete model. That’s were proficiency in your SU model comes in to create scenes that minimize rendering memory required in LO. This is an issue with ACAD, Revit, DataCAD and others as well. If you think they don’t slow down or crash due to file size, just join their forums.


I know how to slow down AutoCad to a crawl. Open a largish DWG, go to Paper space and place some tens of model space viewports on the layout. Every viewport requires the same amount of memory as the whole file does when open in Model space. I guess it cannot be much different with SketchUp/LayOut.


Exactly…or add a complex hatch!

It doesn’t have to be complex. I used to have violent fantasies about my coworkers when they had used large patches of “dot” type hatching and I had to watch the hatch rows slowly filling to solid black every time I touched the mouse wheel.


That’s assuming everyone who downloaded care enough to complain (or give praise). But I understand 100%, we do usually just get the negatives concentrated to forums.

And I also understand what you’re saying about your workflow … I have your book sitting next to me and have watched you at the campfire videos (thank you). I’ve followed a lot of Brightman’s suggestions as well, and it’s all made a huge positive difference.

While I’m sure there’s some workflow issues that I can still clean up and help the crashing issues … I’ve already done so many. And why does it take years of using a program and going through massive headaches and production loss in order to finally find that sweet spot where the product works to do the things it was intended to do?

If the hardware requirements are so high in order to get a stable platform, shouldn’t that be listed as the minimum? My models are not complex, at least not on the screen. But the program isn’t warning me or stopping me from doing something that will unwillingly overload it and let it crash, so unless I go through all this frustration … I’ll never come out the other side. Which is kind of a weird way to sell a product, no?


AutoCAD hatches…ARRGGH…on par with the worst Layout crashes I have ever had.

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To second coolcheech, since the new LO I’ve been having problems also. Not so much crashes, but sometimes it won’t change scenes on me. I’m modeling a 13’ wall unit, nothing like the complexity of an architectural model. It does have about a dozen scenes and 20 layers— oops, I mean tags (still don’t understand why the name change).

I’m used to SU 8, where I never had any problems whatsoever with LO. I was pretty gruntled with it before, but now I’m edging towards the disgruntled line.

And regarding some of the comments here, when having trouble with a program the last thing you want to hear is, “It works fine, because I’ve never had a problem with it.” It does nothing to solve the issue while subtly pointing blame towards the OP.

I’m going to try the uninstall/reinstall thing, once how I figure out how to do that on a Mac. Is it just a matter of reinstalling over the old one, or is the uninstall critical?



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With all due respect, while it might be the last thing you want to hear, more often than not, issues with both SU and LO can be related to how they are being utilized. The same goes for most every other software out there.

Certainly there is plenty of room for improvement. I make suggestions often to the team. But to blame the software entirely, is really shortsighted. Many don’t want to hear it, but there also many of us that can use the software effectively without it crashing.


Granted, Sonder. Personally, most of my issues with SU have had to do with a combination of SU’s peculiarities and my computer’s troublesome graphics card. Many fewer with how I used it, but some of those as well.

I would often spend hours trying everything I could think of, only to hear basic suggestions like group then send to layers, or snap lines to points, which I already did and never solved my issues. Relief would only come when SU staff would respond and tell me it was a known issue.

Fix the computer issues prior to complaining.

Nice one, RLGL. Back on me.

It took me years to figure it out, meanwhile, SU was the ONLY program I had trouble with. And other people had the same or similar issues, because part of the problem was with SU.

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I once had a bad video card, the only place it showed was displaying invoices from a trucking company. That was a head scratcher.

SketchUp is the only application in my home computers that requires OpenGL support. At work we use Archicad that requires it too. I guess that many others are in the same situation, unless they play the 3D games that use OpenGL too.

Uninstall & Install is complete nonsense with WIN10. maybe resetting preferences, perhaps

The layout has a lot of performance issues. I can attest to that. And this has nothing to do with how you use software and it is not '99 when you had to operate software using hacks because you can run out of memory or hard drive space if you do something wrong.

But in SketchUp you can have two viewports open and it can come to a standstill