LO2022 - Constant crashing.....painfully slow

Is anyone else experiencing issues with LO 2022? We’ve been using both for over a week now and all users in our office are experiencing constant crashing and somehow Layout is even slower than before? We have actively used Sketchup and Layout professionally for architectural design and construction documents since 2013 so we know what we are doing. File sizes are kept small, models are organized, and yet we are banging our heads against the freaking bugsplat black hole.

Trimble…are you there? As per my endless Bugsplat comments…we wish you would just sit with us (via video) for a day to see how a pro user uses Sketchup and Layout so that we can show you the many bugs and tools that desperately need to be fixed.

How was SketchUp deployed? Silent install?

Yes…silent install…would it have made any difference as there are no options provided during install?

On one machine we are now also having issues in Sketchup where when we click on a previously set up scene with a section plane…all that shows up is a white screen but if you jiggle the wheel on the mouse to pan/orbit…the linework and section cut shows up? The number of additional bugs we’ve identified in this release is painful.

The things that you are describing might be related to graphical issues.
Check this page:

Maybe, the prerequisites are acting up.
I suggest to contact support directly

You mean Sketchup actually has “support”…ha!

We have three seeds so it’s not as though we’re “deploying on a large scale” or using “network licenses”. Thanks for the suggestions though as it is appreciated!