The total size of a model


I know I may repeat myself in other ways of asking the same questions
months later I apologize for that, if so. 55+ and too many things on my mind
for this hobby project.
(trying to create a game my first ever) with, yes I know, mad hope maybe to
make some income in the future for my old age.

Some friends advise me to take it to “Kickstarter” and get some funds to pay
young real professionals to finish the work in detail and maybe get some traction.
I wonder if that is right way to go I have made several rendered movies to cut
out excerpts and naturally have an entire written concept on how it all would function.

(One can dream right?)

I was wondering for another way to reduce the total size of my model
It is 50 x 50x 50 in cm in real size! It has MANY details 18 levels loads of glass

When I display wire frame only
and then go back to shaded with textures it takes more time to go back
than to close the model and reopen it.

I want to know how much % can I reduce till it looses quality?

In the moment the model has 118 million polygons.
it was over 2GB now it is 1.8GB

I have already tried to reduce with some way advised here.
If I reduce it to say 10x10metere will all the things remain the same as I want to move to UE.

I thought IF I can DRASTICALLY reduce the size maybe
I don’t have to cut it into all its groups to export piece per piece as
it still leaves me with a daunting perspective.
I tried to import it into Twin-motion as I was told if I get it into Twin-motion
it would be an easier move to the UE game mode
but Twin-motion (the latest update) crashes each time.
I guess due to the size
I am sorry to ask here in SU I know it’s not a SU matter but it’s linked to it
I guess I am not the only one wanting taking a model to another platform.

I can’t wrap or (warp, what the real word) my head around the “size factor” in 3D
How much can one reduce something in 3D and still have the same model
till one looses parts of it?

As always thank you for your valuable time and consideration to advise me.

“Physical” size means almost nothing to performance. Edge and face count is all that matters, with material texture sizes playing a smaller part.

Thank you.
If I delete ALL jpg pictures in the model (there are many, like carpets and custom wall patterns and custom Art)
Can I go into materials and go to “IN MODEL” and then somehow delete all these textures
or go into the model directory and delete them (but then maybe the mode will crash if it can’t find the
textures there were appointed ?

if I make the entire model 1/10 of the original in size it will be only 5x5m
but then to see or fix anything would I need to zoom in way more?

Thank you.

I was looking around “styles”
I was amazed to have seen the first time that one seems to be able to mix Xray with other form
of display like “shaded with texture”
or is it just my PC slow to change between styles?

I’m gonna use an analogy here, indulge me.

“I’ve written a book. and this book is 118 million words long. so it’s a very big book, its very heavy, 55kg. and when I want to find a word in it, it takes a lot of time to check every word. How can I make it more efficient?”
(so you know, the 7 harry potter books makes about a million words, 6000 pages. So in my analogy we’re talking 826 harry potter books or 708 000 pages. I ckeched, depending on what paper siez and weight, 55kg)

no matter the machine, no matter the optimisation, 118 million of polygons is huge. yes, it weight about 2gb. no solution here.
yes, a simple change of style and aspect will take time. no solution here.

as anssi said, no matter the physical dimension, physical dimension is an abstract concept. if you make it 10 times bigger, you will still have 118 million polygons. the unit you choose does not matter. the quantity of element does.

well, if you do raise money and hire video game dev and modellers, they’ll have to restart from 0. first, sketchup isn’t the most efficient 3d tool for video games out there. and your 118 million polygon work is huge.

using my analogy from the previous message, removing a handful of picture in a 118 million word book won’t really change anything.

that would actually be stupid. Sketchup doesn’t handle well tiny faces, and by scaling your model down, you might actually cause more problems than solve. Scale it back to its original size and stop scaling, it doesn’t change ANYTHING.


These two cubes are identical on screen. One is 10m wide, the other 10cm
sketchup doesn’t care about the unit you pick, it just cares about the geometry.

Xray causes ALL THE GEOMETRY to be visible through different levels of transparency.
OFF COURSE your PC is suffering and taking time :sweat_smile:
It’s like printing your 118million word book on transparent paper and then complaining that you can’t read because it’s too much.

Thank you very much for your analogy.
Very clear and FUN to read!
I haven’t scaled anything, was just asking.

I know SketchUP isn’t ideal but once my file is dae or fbx …
and I only discovered UE last year when I had started
but found the “building” way more difficult than SK

I guess I HAVE to export in pieces and reassemble in UE
even it takes me a month or more.

All this took nearly 2 years to build.
I will attempt to proceed accordingly.

Thank you very much for your time.
Yea when artist design in 3D like making a painting add a bit here and there.

Although I do know how to built houses :slight_smile:
but they were always BIG in South Africa many homes are easy 500m2
our home was 700…but the prices are nothing compared to America
My last build was in 2006 :slight_smile: time flies.

I must say bravo to SU and my 32Gb
as it still manages quite well to rotate and pan etc my 118 million pages

And it all started with a simple scribble (that SU can post-illustrate so well)
Now I need to buy, rent book some digital land??
Hs anyone heard of “Xsolla”

The owner, yes some may tell me he’s a Russian poor immigrant (American for many years)
has written a very interesting book that just came our called
“once upon tomorrow” his views and studies about the “Metaverse”