The impossible relation of file sizes compared to each other. What can be the issue?

As some may know by having seen my other questions I have been building a huge model.
No before exporting to UE I am trying to extrapole different groups.
I have checked my big model for all unused invisible geometry
and now because of a deleted part, by accident I wanted to re import that part for a few
How can , say 1/50 of the entire model be
when the entire model multiplied by two for move part out and check etc
be only 0.8GB ?
Both are cleaned etc…
I just don’t get it
I have tried this now several times. It takes ages to import the small part (to the left in the file thumbnail)

Also I have loads of round shapes and glass

s there something I can use to cut down on numbers of polygons without loosing the
quality of the model?
In Blender etc they have that …(although I don’t know who to use that yet)
and I know here is SU forum.
I am just flabbergasted that a small part of a big model can be bigger
and I zoomed out and looked around there is nothing hiding in the distance!
Thank you dear Forum members

Are there potentially duplicate entities using the same space? I’ve had that happen when essentially merging two models that have a chance of overlapping.
The easiest way to find them is to erase your groups and components one at a time to see if there is a duplicate hiding in there. If not CTRL Z to get back the erased entity.
This is the only way I figured it out. Don’t know how or why they duplicate unless it has something to do with components duplicating that are in each part of the merged model.
Just taking a shot at it!

IMO there is a negative correlation between the number of edges and faces and the quality of a SketchUp model. Your 15 million entities model is 60 times larger than my largest model (a 5000 sqm art museum). A 0.8 GB model is gigantic, it is not “only” that size. If you are using the model in a game engine environment optimizing its polycount is even more important.
Skimp is a polyreducer extension that works within SketchUp Pro.
File size has much less impact on performance than the number of actual edges and faces SketchUp has to process. Using components for all repeating objects is the most effective way to reduce file size.

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Hi Lately I had two of my same models next to each other
So I could take a group out of one
and make changes and the move it into the “final” one
All that went fine
What I found totally crazy is that I have one group
the one shown in my thumbnail screen shot
(which is only a small group of my entire building)
that is bigger than two of my same total models
I saved it separately did all the cleaning etc
it’s all just geometric NOTHING very fancy
and even after all it is still bigger than my entire model x 2
I only found out about this issue when I had it saved separately and tried to import

I looked up SKIMP and will try tomorrow the free version
and maybe later on the 1 year. subscription
altough for me it’s to clean up a model that I built on my PC
so it’s not for imports specially
Today I was wondering if I stop a render in Lumion10
in the middle of a 30hrs process will the finished part be lost or not
as I couldn’t find a definitive answer I have to wait for the render to be done
I can’t rund SU at the same time as it will slow down my PC more.

Thank very much you.

Your model is 5000m2, mine is a space 50x50x50meters in real size
I don’t actually know how I could design all these details in a say 5x5x5 meter model
and then make renderings etc. I can’t imagine. For my VR
I need to able to sort of imagine walking around it like in real life.
Maybe I am missing something there to reduce it all in terms of size
it never was an issue before.
M model has 18 levels floors and loads of custom graphics wall art jpgs imported as texture
loads of glass and custom sphere like shapes. There is a lot of open “space” it’s NOT a kind of highrise with apartments and rooms et everywhere.
Imagine an gigantic indoor amusement park .
I just can’t put it up all here in detail.
I worked on this for myself for two years this is an early concept version
The file that comes out over one GB is only 1/2 of of a 1/4 of one floor and it’s more
empty space than actually things. That’s why is left me baffled iot never happend before.

I don’t know now but the model is pretty cool.

Large textures can bloat a SU file quite badly.

Make a test by deleting these textures, of course in a copy of your file, then purge the file and save it.

Let us know what will be its new size.

BTW, model size and file size are not related. I, once, worked o a model of downtown Montreal that was about 5 km by 3 km. The file was just a few Megs. Of course the buildings where simplified. There were no lamp post on the street and no detailing. On the other hand, last year I created a model of a hydro electric power house in which I imported a dozen of drawings as pdf files. The total size is about 300 Megs. I am luck that my Macbook Pro has a SSD drive, the load and save are taking just a few seconds. When I don’t need these reference drawings, I delete them from the file and its size goes down to about 5 Megs. I also avoid using super heavy components from the 3D Warehouse.

It’s really hard to see what is going on here, if you are able to and would like to share 1 part, I’m sure someone can give you some pointers.
Search | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

This will help you narrow down which pieces of geometry are taking up lots of space.
Click entities to sort by entities - the more entities there are,the larger the file size of that component will be.

This excludes textures which may also be large - if you have lots of imported photos , 5mb here and there will quickly stack up.

Thank you.
Yes I must admit I have big graphics on the walls in many places
jpg of my Art.
I just photographed the green wall of my bank that is wonderful
and it came out so nice. But yes it repeats itself over 25meters.
I will try to upload and extrapolate a part of my model
but I am very scared NOTHING is smaller than the max size allowed
Maybe I can only put it my google drive.
I have very few 3D warehouse but some funny modular sofa sets
and my street lights that I completely changed in terms of size and composition
etc…I have deleted all SU cars beside one Benz I just love looking at it .
Call me childish I have some things that immediately tell me where I am in the project.
I badly wish I could share it all here but its ALL I have and made and hope one
day it wall make me some sort of income at my 55+ age (isn’t 60 the new 40 haha)

PS: Beside that I had a dear dear friend in Toronto who passed quite young
of dementia. It was such a shock one year your have dinner a few month later
he couln’t answer an e-mail.
He was well known in the power station business community
but in the business side of if N. Geilich was his name German Russian origin
wonderful kind person. We were friends for over 30 years he worked a lot
on Asian projects in the "new and up coming China.

THANK YOU I will keep you posted


Thank you for your consideration
I hope this extension if free
I really can’t pay more and more for extensions I only use sometimes

Here are some screen shots of my model partially in unreal engine
My big dillema I am currently learning to resolve by cutting my model into pieces
and lear to import piece by piece.
I have strong ADHD and patience isn’t my forte :slight_smile:
I will research on that extentions