3D DWG Import

I have 3d .dwg files from playground manufacturers that I need to import into sketchup. The most recent .dwg file is 350 mb. To try and make them more manageable files I broke this .dwg up into 3 separate files and purged each. I then imported each into their own SU file. Those three files now have a total file size that is about 4 times larger overall than the original file and are essentially useless for me in SU, they’re just too large. Once i get the SU files opened i do go in and simplify where possible but it doesn’t do much to overall file size.

Am i missing something with importing these files into SU or asking too much of the program?

Thanks - Brian

One worry is that all objects that are identical are coming in as unique components, and that could lead to performance issues, whether you make them manually, or if they come from a .dwg import. I saw one case recently where there were over 10,000 unique components after an import.

What program generates the .dwg, and can it export in some other format? If you go to Window/Model Info, Statistics, how high is the Component Definitions figure?

Thanks Colin, I think you’re exactly right. Everything comes in unique which is frustrating. Since it’s a playground it would be nice to have all the posts stay as a component rather than each one being individual. The one I’m looking at now has 344 components, 2,423,599 edges and 1,337,222 faces. I’m assuming the edges and faces are what gets me but I’m not sure how to manage that in the import.

I do have the ability to export these out of autocad in a different format, is there one that would help with this? OBJ maybe? I’ve never used one but I’m up for anything at this point. Thanks again!