Should my Model be this big in File Size?

So I’ve been working on a Sketchup Model for School and I noticed the file size is over 20MB! Is this normal? I wanted to Import it into Unreal Engine 4 so i could explore the Model in FPS mode but Unreal Engine 4 just Hangs and doesn’t import it. I have used Models from the Model Warehouse if that helps. I also wanted to try get it into Super Mario 64 using the OBJ to M64 tool but it doesn’t work properly either… I also get a bit of lag as well. I have uploaded the model to Drive if anyone is willing to check it out and find out whats wrong here: So if anyone could point me in the right direction on how to fix this problem that would be much appreciated thanks!

It’s normal for what you’ve pulled together from the Warehouse. Your toilet, for example, is nicely made and has 26,428 entities in the bowl part, another 6,993 in the seat, and another 6,168 in the lid. The bathtub has 15,265 entities. The faucet and bowl combined have 10,619 and 4,135 entities, respectively. When I purged everything except for these three items, they alone account for about 19MB of the filesize.

Hmmmmm… So do you think there is any way i can decrease the size? My friend also is making a Model for School and he also used Warehouse Models and his file size is 19.5 MB.

If you’re concerned about keeping the file size to a minimum, check the number of polygons and file size of the models you find in the Warehouse and look for those that are smallish. For example, compare these two toilets in the Warehouse:

While the second one may not look as nice, it can be softened to look better:

(I softened only half of it for comparison)

Alright. I’ll give that a try and let you know how it turns out

If you delete all the materials in your model size goes from 25.9 MB to 18+ MB. That means the rest of size is contributed by components’
If you create a collection for them then you have info in the widows explorer to look at size contribution.
My results are
Workstation desk 7.4 MB;
PS4 com controller 2.2 MB;
K3828 toilet 2.7 MB;
Bathroom sink with cabinets 1.5 MB
The rest of components are in the range about 0.5 MB and not worth trying to change> even the last three above you will not get big reductions. My guess you may get 2 from work station and maybe 1 from toilet so you model will be about 15MB you need to make decision if that is acceptable. Of course you have to add back in materials. You can do the same approach with them=> make collection, use W indows explorer to pick large size and try to reduce them.
here is post Trimble has done maybe give you some insight What Makes A Great 3D Warehouse Model? - SketchUp Blog Checklist
Good Luck

BTW, 20MB is not necessarily large depending on what you are trying to model. If you want to upload your model to the 3D Warehouse, it needs to be 50MB or smaller. If you want to upload it here (to the SketchUp forum), it needs to be 3MB or less. However, that doesn’t mean that SketchUp can’t handle larger models. Here’s a screenshot of a model I’m working on that currently is about 400MB in size: