Need help with Sketchup file/size/models

Hello everyone i need help!!!
I want to ask which is the best way to work in SketchUp: when i download a model do i need to explode until the end and then make that element group or is there another way for the file not to be very BIG.
Yesterday i did i small interior project i downloaded some elements ( chairs, monitors, mouse etcc) they where some of the same elements and they where all separated group the file reach 2GB !!!
Is there any tip for the way of work for the file to be so big.

I hope you understand Thank you.

The main thing is to never download from the 3DWarehouse directly into your actual model. Download into an empty model and then inspect it to see whether what you got is appropriate for how you will use it. Both excessive numbers of edges and faces and very large texture images will rapidly bloat a model and make it unusable. An object with a large fraction of a million edges is appropriate only if it will be the main focus of your model, and a 4000x4000 texture will be right only if it is painted onto an enormous surface. Be especially wary of foliage, as it is often modeled in excessive detail, but also of ornate decorative items.

Once a file has gotten that big all you can do without removing content is to turn off profiles and shadows, apply hidden tags to things not essential to a scene, and learn to be very patient because everything will be very sluggish.

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hmm i understand but that would be a little bit extra work for each model to look it separated, but thank you so much for the tip. :smiley: