Export stl in web version is extremly small

Anyone else notice in the web version, when you export a model in stl format, that its uber small?

my units are meters, but when i load the stl file into any slicer, s3d, cura, ideamaker, its extremly small. take a look

sometimes the exporter works, sometimes it doesnt. thanks

The STL file format is unitless. Your slicer software ought to have a setting where you tell it what your model’s units represent.

Ok, tbats good to know. Im used to su pro where it exports it in the current model units haha. Ill have to check my slicer but i think its in mm haha.

This is all a bit confusing to start with but it works once you get your head around it.
If your slicer software allows you to specify the unit then it is simple but if you have software that is set, you need to watch what you are doing.

One slicer I use is Upstudio and the only choice you have with it is mm or inch. So you need to export your stl as mm or inch, which means you need to set the model units as mm or inch for 1 to 1.
Once you know what your slicer uses you can output as needed.
So for this slicer I can model in m but set the web units to cm and a 1m cube will open as a 100mm cube.

So on the web version, i need to scale down the model to mm since my slicer is only mm or inches?

Or do i scale from meters to cm so its not so small? The web exporter is a we bit odd haha.

I have pro version but i was asked to make some tutorials for the web veraion and the exporter is a small hang up for me haha