The toolbars Icons are very small and straining to eyes


My sketchup toolbar icons are far too small and is very straining to the eyes. Is there any way to enlarge the icon size so that it is more comfortable to the eyes?


Under Preferences->Workspace have you checked the “Use large tool buttons” box? That may help some. But from your picture I think you have a very-high-dpi display, and SketchUp does not yet handle those well unless the monitor screen is also very large.

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Hi slbaumgartner, many thanks for the advice. the “Use large tool buttons” is already checked. I believe you might be right about the high-dpi-display. Some of my other program also gave me the same problem. But I couldn’t resolved it. =(

Just bought this new laptop half a month ago but is already giving me so many problem. =(

Just wondering is there any way to disable the high dpi display for using sketchup?

Certainly you can choose a lower resolution globally via your display settings. But I don’t know how to do so per-app on Windows (I have a Retina display Mac). Hopefully, somebody from the Windows camp will help you.

Dsiplay Changer can do.

I am having the same problem, just having switched from PC to a 27" iMac with retina display at default resolution. Incredible screen, wicked small icons. I have set Preferences / Workspace / large Icons with minimal change. SketchUp Pro 15.3.329, OS X El Capitan. Latest and greatest all. I can change the screen resolution to make the text and icons bigger, but that seems self defeating. See screenshot.

Any Help? Thank you!

Trimble is aware of SketchUp’s issues on high-dpi displays (which have of late started cropping up on Windows too) but as of SU 2015 there is no fix. By policy they will not comment on possible changes in future updates, so for the near term your only solutions are to work at “best for retina” scaled resolution or live with the eyestrain. This will affect the menus, toolbars, etc. but not the drawing view.

OK. Thank you for the quick and succint reply.

So—last post in 2015. And yet, with Sketchup Pro 2022, THIS IS STILL A PROBLEM.
I’m so frustrated with Trimble. How can they let issues like this go on for decades?
They are worse than google.

I have heard that some developers are not updating the file type for their icons. But surely Trimble can write some code to accept the old type of files (I’m not even sure what they are called).

It’s just ridiculous to pay the subscription every year, and pay for (some) extensions…and I cant even see the frigging things on the screen.

At this point it’s clear there’ll be no further updates for SketchUp 2022. I’m not seeing any tiny toolbar icons in SketchUp 2023.

Please complete your forum profile with SketchUp version, etc.

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You can increase the size of UI elements via Windows Settings.

Start > Settings > System > Display

Choose the display that you run SketchUp on, then scroll down to Scale and layout,
and set the display scaling to a higher percentage. The control is labeled:

Change the size of text, apps and other items

NOTE: SketchUp supports up to 150% display scaling.