The section plane has become much longer than the geometry it is sectioning - how to get it back to default

I have a simple house in plan view trying to cut a section with the section plane tool. Usually the section plane would encompass the house with a small margin around the house but not whenever I use section plane on this file it stretches the margin down the green axis much farther than the other margins.

This is becoming a problem because when I choose to “align view” it is skewed. Also, when I open a new doc and try it there is no issue so it must be something in this file. I’ve linked to the file so you can see.


A section plane placed in the model will be created large enough to encompass all of the model. In your model, the queen bed component has some stray geometry located outside of the house and a horizontal section plane will be large enough to include it. Unless that geometry is important to the bed component somehow, I’d be inclined to erase it.

oh, wow, I forgot about that stupid bed. Imported it from 3dw but it had a person standing away from it, and I deleted the person but could not figure out how to reduce the blue selection box. is there a way to reduce that blue box? I’m just going to delete the bed but just curious for future knowledge.

Also Dave, can you tell me how you found that the bed was the issue?


I turned on all of the layers to see see what I could see. Initially I didn’t see the little curve because it was obscured by the house. I selected everything to see what would show up and noticed the bounding box for the bed was sticking way out of the house.

This is a good example of one reason to import components from the 3D Warehouse into a separate file for examination and cleanup/repair before adding the components to your main project model.


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