Is it possible to move components while inside a section plane?

After applying a section plane I have noticed misaligned components.

I’d like to move the components to their right place while inside a section plane view, because this is the best view to do this.

But unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible to move components while inside a section plane.

Is it somehow possible to move (maybe even edit) stuff while inside a section plane?

Turn off section fill and you should be able to select what you want and move/edit as much as you like.
Actually I just checked and section fill doesn’t get in the way.
Just make sure you select the parts carefully.

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Ahh, right. :sweat_smile: Thanks!

Strange, after I have read the 2nd part of your message, that it even works to select stuff while having the section fill turned on, it started to work suddenly. I swear to god, before it didn’t! I probably clicked too brutish.

Wow, to be able to move and edit geometry while in section plane view is super useful. I have never done this before even though this is so obviously useful.

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Yes, I use it all the time and am surprised that many don’t.

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I find that if the actual Section Plane display is on, it is difficult to select anything behind it, so I only have it on when placing or moving the planes.

I am puzzling over this answer as default behaviour in my experience is that the section plane is always selected when you click on a component’s section fill.

My workflow is not very efficient as I am forever switching section fill on and off just so I can select the components and not the section plane. Best I have managed is to have a hotkey to toggle section fill.

Am I missing a setting or doing something wrong? (if not, I’d love this feature)

don’t click directly on the fill. the fill is part of the section. to select your component, select the rest, the part that is not cut.

or like you do (and Box said), turn off the fill for easier access (no risk to select the fill if there is no fill)