Section Planes selected when not turned on

I have the selection planes turned off but when I zoom out to select object, the selection plane get selected even though it is off. I read a blog about this in this community but there was no solution. Even turning section fill off does not prevent this from happening. It is really a pain to have to zoom in under the section plane cut to select objects. Does anyone have a solution?

Can you share the .skp file for a model which exhibits this behavior?

Actually it happens when I select an object that projects above the section cut, for example a solid that represents a wall starts at floor level and extends up pass through the section plane, if I try to select the wall, the section plane is selected even though it is off. In the model I upload of a simple container home, try to select the wall in the middle or try to select the top of one of the containers.

Hi David,
The file is too big to upload so here is a link to download.

I’m not seeing the sections planes being made visible when I select or open anything for editing. Maybe I’m not clicking on the right thing?

FWIW, there seems to be a lot of unused stuff that could probably be purged.
Screenshot - 1_13_2020 , 2_14_55 PM

Did you try to select the middle wall in lower container?

Do you mean the one with the door in it? Yes.

When I select the wall, this is what I get

Which scene is active when you are doing this?

Working model

Hmmm… That’s what was active when I opened the file and I didn’t change that or anything else. Are you double clicking on the wall?

Which version of SU2019?

Version 19.3.253 64 bit
Not double clicking, also it happens if I click on the top of the container at the cut plane (cut planes are off).

Wait a minute! You’re clicking on the fill not on the vertical face of the wall? I do get the section plane highlighting when I do that but then I would expect that since I’d be selecting the section cut not the wall face.

Yes but I don’t remember that being the case in versions prior to 2018, if the section plane is off.

So this is what should happen? I honestly never remember having this happen.

There was fill before that.

It does this even when I have display section fill off.

Thank you David for taking the time to help, I guess I did not realize that selecting the cut area would select the cut plane.