Selecting a Section Plane



Is there any way I can select a section plane without selecting its edge? Pick from a list in Outliner perhaps.

I have a building with section planes. I have a few scene into the building so I can’t see the edge of section plane. When I create a group for the all building to isolate the section, all scene have lost wich section plane is activate or not. I also lost my section when I update the building into a siteplan using “saveas” & “reload” component feature.
To fix all scene, I have a painful method depending on Eneroth Camera Memory.

1- I first “Put to memory” my point of view.
2- I turn on "Display Section Planes"
3- I zoom out so I can select the appropriate section plane, then I activate it.
4- I select "Retreive from memory"
5- I update my scene.
6- I have to redo that for every scene.

If I could select a section planes without having to lost my point of view, I would save a lot of time and fix this ambiguity in a minute. That would implied be able to name the section planes.

Any though?


You can click inside the perimeter of the section plane, as long as there is nothing behind it. But objects behind the plane have selection precedence.

:thumbsup: I like the idea of having section planes listed in the Outliner.


Yes, but unfortunatly, like you said DanRathbun[quote=“DanRathbun, post:2, topic:37062”]
as long as there is nothing behind it

unfortunantly, have multiple section behind each other is very common, mostly when you work in parallele view mode. Let’s wich that they create a system to select them.


Dan, can you move that conversation to Feature Request?


(Moved) Also, I had logged another request to give Section Planes native name property, so users could name them, and then plugins and the Outliner could use the names to list them.


:+1: :+1: :+1: