No Active Section Plane

I use section planes for many of my scenes, but sometimes I want a scene with none of the sections active. I know I could create a new style with section plane not turned on, but all I really want is to be able to update a scene and have it remember that there is no section plane selected.

You may want to use the ‘Outliner’ window to see all used section planes. The icons (marked yellow in image) indicate them being active. Double click them to quickly toggle them off in the ‘Outliner’. Then update the scene you are currently displaying.

You could also double click on the Section plane in the viewport to de-activate it.

Section plane state is a Style setting, too, so make sure you are updating the style for that scene.

If no section plane is activated there will be no cutting regardless of the style cut setting. This is quite handy as it allows you to use the same style on scenes both with and without a cut.

My first thought too but… (see quote below).

To me this sounded as if there are to be disabled several section planes “spread all over” the model, maybe even in different contexts. Double clicking would need you to open group(s) and/or component(s) first, one by one to get to each active section plane. The ‘Outliner’ is way faster to knock them all out.

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This is the technique that worked best for me. Otherwise, the scene held onto the last active section plane even if it was not active when I updated the scene. Thanks Wo3Dan!

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