Section Plane visibility wrt Styles

Section planes are great in 2020 !
It is so simple to manage section planes now. You can leave section plane visibility to off at all times. (auto on at creation time). Just click on a cut and the Section Plane will appear, ready to be moved or deactivated.
And also selection in the Outliner panel is possible. Even when invisible.

So there is no need to have any Style show Section Planes. In fact they do not belong in the Styles parameter anymore, IMHO.

I would very much like Section planes visibility removed from the Style parameters. It would also avoid the confusion when creating scenes; you know the warning about the Style parameters having to be updated.

Thought about making it a FR, but I’d like your thoughts on this.

Just to be sure; my topic here is Section Plane visibility.
Enabling section (cut) is a different subject, right ?

Well… actually the setting Cut Enabled should also be removed from Styles.
You see, now that Section Planes are objects (visible and manageable in Outliner) AND that Scenes register their state of visibility, like for any other object, being able the play with these elsewhere is nothing but confusing. No one would like objects visibility managed by Styles.