Changing section plane without changing view



So I have created a number of section planes for the same model with the intention of compiling a single section at the end from a number of views.

I have set up the first view and am happy with it but now I want to change the section plane without changing where the view comes from so that it all aligns perfectly when exported.

How do I switch between section planes if I cant physically see the plane to make it active ?

Thank you in advance.



Open the Outliner window. Click on the current section plane and deactivate it, then select the other section plane and activate it.


You can also move the camera, select the section plane in model, activate it and then untick and re-tick Active section plane in the Scenes panel. When you re-enable the option for saving active section plane to the scene it saves the current setting of the view, without affecting the other scene properties (camera, axes etc).

This can be done for the other properties too and on multiple scenes at once. If you for instance want to change the drawing axes on all scenes, set the axes you want, select all scenes, untick Axes location and tick it again.


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