Section cut is active in all scenes - how to make it active in some scenes only?

i’ve added a section plane in the front view and saved that as a scene.
when I change view to top the section plane is still acttive.
how to make a section plane active only in selected scenes so the section cut is only related to that scene?

When you are in a scene with a top view, deactivate the section plane in a question.
Make sure that in a Scene Tray the details is shown, then in a “Properties to save” list the "Active Section Planes " checkbox is cheeked.
Right click on a scene tab and Update.

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great - thanks for the quick reply. Works perfectly now!

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another option - i have a few styles which have section cuts on or off then just apply those per scene when needed. i find this more reliable (styles wise) as sometimes the SU scenes revert to a style setting which has the section cuts on etc. (although most times i simply import my complete model into a separate “elevations” or “sections” file and do all sectioning bits there so i don’t get any weirdness on section cuts or not. they’re always on…)

You can blast through this pretty quick. If you open the Scenes pallet / tab you can go to a scene, activate or deactivate the section cut you need, then click the check mark next to ‘active section cuts’, then check it back. Whatever scene have selected IN THE PALLET will be updated (so you can update many at the same time).