Sketchup Section plane types

Can someone tell me the difference between section plane A and the rest in the below image please?

Reason I ask is because I am using this model as a component in another model. Every time I Reload it, this section plane becomes active, so I have to turn it off again every time. How do I disable this?

Was/is A inactive when saved previously?

No Active Cuts when I took the screenshot above.

Share the model with the component, if possible.
The only thing I can think off now is that you get this if you have changed modeling settings in styles: Styles > Edit > Modeling Settings > Active Section set to grey.

1 = active
2 & 3 = inactive (3 = selected)

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Problem Solved.
You were right. Section A was active, even though section cuts were turned off in the scene I was in.
So I disabled the active cut and it works perfectly now.
I didn’t understand what the dark colour meant, but it meant it was active.