Section Plane size

What is it that determines the size of the section plane?

In the drawing I am currently working on, the section planes started off being slightly larger than my model. But now they are way larger, making manipulation quite tricky. Could it have to do with geolocation?

This is an example:

The answer to my question seems to be yes, it is to do with geolocation. I got rid of the map and terrains and that shrank the section planes right back down again.

It’s determined by the extent of the model in the context of the section plane.

It seems section planes are sized to fit around all geometry, hidden or not, in the planes context. So deleting the hidden terrain would make them smaller because the size of the geometry shrinks. You could also put the plane inside a group or component with the house, which would size it for the house only.

Maybe my mistake when I downloaded the geolocation map was to choose too large an area. If I had zoomed in further just to get my plot and a bit beyond it, I wouldn’t have encountered the problem.

Ah yes. I have never done that before but it makes sense.

You could always trim it down.