Sketchup make resize section plane


I want to export a lot of section planes from sketchup, and ideally I’d like them to be centred around the vertical (blue) centre line, but in my model, more of it sticks out on one side than on the other. Also, its just too big! the resulting section plane dxf’s are way bigger than my model.
How can I make the section plane smaller, and centre it on the central vertical axis?
I’d like to attach a jpeg to show what I mean, can’t see how to do that here… sorry.


Section planes in SketchUp at the model level entities collection are infinite.

But groups and components (which have their own entities collection,) can also have child section planes, because section planes are a drawing element entity.

You can have more than one section plane active. But only one section plane can be active at any one time, in each entities collection.

So to control what a section plane cuts, you’d need to put it inside a group or component (as a container,) and control the container’s size.

You could put construction points at the corners of the container to do this and have these cpoints associated with a layer that you later switch off. Or use contruction lines ? (SketchUp actually calls these guidepoints and guidelines.)

I don’t know how it’d work for DXF export. (Low confidence in the native exporter.)

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Thankyou both, I will look into making ‘collections’


No read the online user guide about making groups and components.


ah, ok, will do. Thanks Dan