Section plane been forgotten, but where is it located?

I have created an component with a tiny model. When I inserted it into project file, I found out that there is huge (empty) space in right area. This should not be. When I inserted the component in new file, I have seen there section plane. So I found out that I have forgotten it there. But I could not find it in the component file itself or when I inserted it in different project. I have turned Display Section Planes on and still … I cannot find it. But I know it is there. How can I find out if any section plane is present and where it is located. E.g. it can be very small plane located far away of the screen I am watching. I can zoom in very close detail of the model or zoom out very far so the component can be wither too far too small - not visible. How do you investigate planes presented? I know: stats can tell me there is some plane, but still the problem - “where is it located?” - stays. Some tool for selecting the planes when I do not see them, or to focus them, to snap them to view… would be helpful.

kolečko malé fixní.skp (367.8 KB)

There’s the little bugger. I had to scale your model. Here’s the file with the section cut removed. kolečko malé fixní.skp (920.6 KB)

How did you find the plane? Just scaled and watched around?

Originally it was big component and I scaled it by 0,001 to get this tiny wheel. That is OK. But I have forgotten the section plane. And the Susan? Where is she and how to find her?

Your View > Section Planes is disabled. I’ve enabled it. The section plane is on the stroked red axis (opposite of the dotted one) near the horizon. :slight_smile:

I see it now, but maybe it is because my screen resolution is very small so I did not see it.

Looking at your Components tab, Susan is there but she’s not present in the model. Maybe you’ve deleted her and forgot about that?

Thanks for that. So I need to check this before I save the file. I purged unused from Component Window (this opinion is also in Window → Model info present).

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