Section plane active but not visible gets erased


Using SketchUp Pro 2018 on Mac, I am finding that I can erase a section plan that is active but not visible. Using the eraser tool, I was erasing geometry cut by the section plan and the section plane displayed briefly then was erased. Since you can’t lock section planes or layers with them on it, is there any way to prevent this from happening? Seems like you shouldn’t be able to erase a section plane if they aren’t displayed.

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Could the section plane have been inside a group or component that you deleted or are you certain you deleted the section plane directly?

Was it hidden by layer, by entity (from Entity Info) or from style (from either View menu or Style pane)?

The section plane was not inside a group or component, and by clicking on some geometry that was cut by the plane, it disappeared. The section was not displayed based on the current style, but not otherwise hidden.

I can reproduce this when dragging the eraser over the section lines. I think it is intended as it gives clear feedback of what is going on. I can also erase edges as normally behind the cut, as long as I don’t get too close to the cut lines.

Intended or not, seems like adding a ‘Lock’ option to section planes would be smart, as sections become more useful (thanks to built-in section fills) and models get more complex, erasing one can disrupt scenes and Layout in ways that would be nice to avoid.

True. Locking section planes just like looking groups and compnents sure would make sense. Especially given how they are linked to scenes and LO and stuff. An accidentally deleted section plane can cause a lot of work!

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