The scene tab doesn't appear

Hello, I am Joseph and I use SketchUp Make 2017 for school.

Yesterday I think clicked on the on the red cross where the scene tab is. I think it is called scene tab but I am not sure (it’s where I can move, change the angle, rotate an object, push and pull, create a rectangle,…)

I have tried to go on scene tabs in the view menu but it looks like it’s already selected, even though it doesn’t appear

Thank You

Hello Joseph!

The scenes browser (or scenes inspector) is the part of the tray on the right where you can add/remove scenes (view points of the camera). For all scenes, scene tabs appear above the viewport and below the toolbars.

So I believe what you clicked at was a toolbar button with a red icon (Move tool?). If you have closed the toolbar, you can open the toolbar again by clicking in the menu View → Toolbars… and set the checkmark next to the “Edit” toolbar (I guess that is it).

Thank you very much Aerilius!

It worked!

Hello again,

There is still one last small problem: in the toolbar, I can’t find the “small-hand icon” that makes me move around my house without selecting or moving anything.

Would you know where I could get that back?

Best practice to get Pan would be to press the center mouse button and hold Shift. Alternatively you can select it from the Getting Started toolbar, the Large Toolset, the Camera toolbar, or from the Camera menu or with a keyboard shortcut.