Scene tab not working

Hi All

My Scene Tab under the View Command show it is “selected” but when I click on it nothing happens. I cannot find or use the scene command anywhere. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I`m using Google Sketchup 16.0.19912 64bit

Thanks in advance!

Have you created any scenes? This is done in the Scenes window in the Tray which is usually found on the right side of the screen. You need to have created scenes to be able to toggle them on and off in the View menu.

FWIW, Google hasn’t had anything to do with SketchUp for over three years.

Hi Dave

Thanks for your speedy reply, much apreciated. No I have not created any scenes as yet but I would like to. It just wont let me select the scene tab to start creating a scene. Any idea?

Ps thanks for the correction on Google not being part of Sketchup.

Have you recently changed your monitor setup, or unplugged from a dock…?


Thanks for your reply! No not changed anything.


Can you show us a screenshot, never know what we might spot. …

Ok will do just trying to figure out how to capture.

I see you are using SU2016 not 15 as you have in your profile.
Have you looked in the default tray? the biggest new feature in 2016.

Have you tried View > Animation > Add Scene ? This will add a scene tab for you.

Right-clicking on the tab will allow you to select the Scene Manager.

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I found it! Never thought of looking at the Default tray, what a dougnut!! :blush: Thanks Mr, your a gentleman and a scholar. Much appreciate your help and time. Regards