Renaming scene tabs


How about making the scene tabs easier to rename by adding “Rename” to the context menu. That would save a step from having to open and renaming with the Scene Manager.


We already have that option on macs, but I’ll trade it to you for the option to list all the textures by name. And 3rd pick on 2016’s new features :stuck_out_tongue:


So I see the option to select “rename scene”, but when I do, nothing happens. I would have expected the scene name to get selected and be editable, but it doesn’t seem to be. Am I missing something obvious?


Are you right-clicking on the scene tab or from the scene window? It also matters if you’re on a mac or pc.
On my mac, if I right-click the scene tab to rename, the text get highlighted and I can rename it. Or if I’m using the Scene window, and expand it, I can rename it there.

For PC, I don’t know, sorry.


I meant the ability to rename the tabs without having to open the Scene Manager. Sorry if I wasn’t being clear.

Kind of Like this…

Or maybe to right click the tab and it becomes instantly editable.


Just a mac thing I guess.


Lol. Wow. Why isn’t that available in the Win version?


Dunno, same reason as to why on mac I can’t view all the materials in a text list format, bothersome for when I want to know a bunch of material names.


Maybe in the near future we’ll be able to do the exact same things in SketchUp not depending on what platform we’re on. One can only hope. Thanks for your help and comments.