SU tweak to creating scenes

I suggest a very small but handy improvement to creating new scenes.

I tend to create scenes by right clicking on an existing one and hitting Add. The system then automatically names it. It is unlikely you would want the name it is given, so my next move is to right click again and hit Rename. All fine, but it would be faster if the system assumed you would want to name any new scene you create and so avoid that second click. There could still be an inbuilt default name which would stick if you chose not to rename.

So I am suggesting that you right click and hit Add to create the scene. The scene would be created with its default name BUT the cursor would still be in the tab ready for you to either enter your own scene name or accept the default by hitting Esc (say).

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Hi Simon, hi folks.





It would be useful in general if, as you suggest for scene naming, there were a hotkey for exiting a text box. I find myself naming scenes or layers frequently and then absentmindedly jumping directly into tool shortcuts-- which of course renames the scene or layer in an undesirable manner, rather than switching to the tool (which is the current expected behavior).


The name field could also contain the name of the previous scene with an increasing number appended as a suggestion. Sketchup already has a rather nice way of adding numbers when name collides, e.g. when making a component unique.

At least on Mac, the problem occurs in multiple panels with text entry fields - scene names, layer names, style names, … It’s been noted and improvement requested many times but so far no action.

OK, this used to be a feature in past versions of Sketchup, including 2016. Seems like this has been removed for some reason. In past versions, I was always prompted to name a scene upon scene creation. Now, it resumes to default name “Scene 1”. One problem here is that I use a scene management extension to automatically create layers for each scene. Now it adds several steps for me. I have to edit the scene name, then edit the layer name. Yikes! What happened? I’ll probably post in Pro on this. Any ideas?

SketchUp 2016 does not prompt for a name during scene creation… Perhaps you had some extension that does it?

Yes, you’re right. It is a feature of an extension I use that has a scene management feature. It’s so integral to my use of SU that I thought it was an integral setting. Thanks,

@Alex_Jordan Which extension?

It’s CabinetSense[1]. I use it for its stellar dynamic component
programing for cabinet design and production. It’s now in the background
of all my drawings. It’s scene management features are superb for
creating scenes to export into Layout, like elevations, sections,
details, etc. I use Layout for both shop and contract design drawings.

The issue that drove me to the forum was that I had recently updated SU, and installed new versions of all extensions. It takes me a bit to get everything laid out the way I like it. CabinetSense is not managed by the integrated extension manager in Sketchup. You have to go to the website, download, and install new versions. You end up using the SU extension manager to load CabinetSense, then there’s a few other tweaks to do… pointing to various libraries and such. After all that, the software exports data into another program that generates cut lists, so those parameters have to be in line, too. It’s taken me a while to get this all set up, but it’s very effective and relatively cheaper than using really pricey cabinet design software that ultimately isn’t as adaptable as SU. Cheers!