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I’m a long time Sketchup user. OS Windows 10. I’m having problems with the default settings in Sketchup Pro 2017 that name a new scene “Scene 1”. There is no setting in Preferences that allows me to change this setting so that SU prompts me to enter the new scene’s name. The problem is compounded here because I also use an extension that creates a layer for each new scene. Now I have to go to both the Scene tray and the Layer tray to rename each new scene and layer created.

I must be missing something because I have the same version installed on my laptop, running same OS on both.



There never has been a preference setting for that in any version of SketchUp. Perhaps you had an extension that created the prompt such as Named Scene2 from Sketchucation.


Yep. The extension did create the prompt. I’m just catching up with setting up my desktop. I’m designing cabinets with the CabinetSense extension. I had to turn on my scene management feature. Wish there was a better way to keep all these things in line with SU updates. Thanks.


Some things can be streamlined to make migration easier but it’s always a good idea to install fresh copies of extensions and plugins because things change including the ruby version and extensions need to be kept up to date.


Yes, I agree. I like the integrated extension manager in the latest versions of SU. However, not all extensions are managed here, particularly those that require subscriptions. It’s great to have developers that keep up with these things. Just wish I could stick to designing and avoid all the set up time. Thanks.


True, not all extensions are in the Extension Warehouse. Many are available in Sketchucation’s Extension Store. The few that aren’t, such as CabinetSense should be easy to pick up from the author and it’s generally worth the few moments. If you set everything else up to streamline the migration, it shouldn’t take very long to do. It usually takes me less than 15 minutes to install and set up a new version of SketchUp.

I guess you can skip the upgrades and avoid all the set up time.


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