SketchUp 2018 Feature Request (or 2017 update) :k



Take the persistent ID’s idea to scene names. There should be an underlying/unseen Scene Name that each scene has and never gets lost when renaming scenes. For instance, if I have a scene in SU “Scene 1”, then I insert the .skp into LO, everything’s happy when I leave that alone.

But, as we all know, things change as the project moves along. So if I change “Scene 11” to "“Interior View 2”, and go back to LO it defaults to “Last saved SketchUp View”, and I have to click on each view to change it back to scene they are supposed to be.

It would be a nice time saver if the Scene names didn’t matter. Maybe each scene has a persistent ID, like “_00001”, which the user never sees, but always is there…?

My ¢2.


I would like to simply edit the name of the created scenes by doubleclick the existing scene label in the scene tab. One click - I will go to this scene (now available), double click - I can edit the scene name.


Another idea: what if scene actions can get an undo like modeling actions?