Do not see SCENES option in WINDOWS tab

I don’t have the SCENES option in my WINDOW tab, so I cannot create a scene. Is there a preference or some such thing I need to turn on?

Sketchup Pro 2022 version 22.0.354

The Scenes panel will be in the Default tray. If it isn’t, enable in Window>Default Tray.
Screenshot - 2_5_2023 , 1_04_35 PM

That SCENES checkmark is checked in my default tray. And the SCENES TAB is checked in VIEW, although it is grayed out.

wait a second… I checked the SCENES tab off, and then checked it ON, and it is now working. geesh. Sorry for the waste of your time.

Glad you have it sorted. FWIW, “Scene Tabs” in the view menu only determines whether or not the scene tabs are displayed across the top of the model space window. It would be checked but grayed out if you have no scenes and thus no scene tabs to show or hide.

The Scenes panel in the tray can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on its title bar.