The offset tool hates me

Being a super newby, I’m watching tons of videos on how to use the offset tool. (using apple pencil on iPad Pro).
When I start the offset, and lift my pencil, the dimension dialog disappears. So I’m unable to do precision offsets by entering the measurement.
I thought it might be because I have the pencil set to click move click. So I changed it to just draw and it’s doing the same thing. What am I doing wrong?

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It appears something’s gone awry. Thank you for reporting the issue here. I’ll get it filed and we’ll work to get a fix issued ASAP.

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Not really sure why this was addressed so badly, you should be able to start the offset then type as needed, if you aren’t seeing the input box you may need reset the workspace, which would allow you to ‘pin’ the input box to the top of the screen, or elsewhere depending on your preferences.

As Mike pointed out, this was noted and filed. We fixed shortly thereafter and I presume Mr. Vanderloo discovered in last year’s 6.4.0 (2033) release notes:

• We fixed a bug that affected the ability to input measurements when using the Offset tool.

Thanks Barry. I wasn’t aware of this bug and I still have issues with this. How do I apply the fix?
I actually have the same issue with other tools. I make selections, lift my pencil off the screen and the dimension dialog disappears. Sometimes the selection does as well.
I’ve had to dock my dimensions dialog box at the top of the screen and I don’t like that.

If you’ve updated SketchUp for iPad to the latest v6.4.3 (2049) and are still having issues with the offset tool, please post here and the team will take a look. We’d appreciate your feedback on 6.4.3 either way, fixed or not.


I have updated to the latest version and I am still having issues.

I’ll send you a private message so we can resolve this faster.