Selection tool doesn't work properly

In the ipad version, the selection tool doesn’t work properly, it’s not in tune with the part I want to select, it’s one inch away from the selection and that prevents me from being able to use the tool to enlarge the pieces

Two other threads on this exact same topic today. I expect the developers will sort it out ASAP.


Thanks Dave! That gives me some hope.

The team discovered that resetting the Display Zoom setting to the Default option, as shown below, should resolve the issue.

We will continue working on a permanent solution that will allow you to return to using the More Space setting.

This is a quick end-of-day update to share that SketchUp for iPad v6.5.1 was released earlier this morning via the Apple App Store. The release includes a fix to the cursor offset issue.

After updating to 6.5.1, you should be able to restore your Display Zoom setting and find that SketchUp behaves respectfully. Thank you all for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue.

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