Can't specify offset dimensions

I’m still pretty much a rookie so please bear with me on this.
When I draw a shape, (footprint of a building), And I try to offset the perimeter for a specific wall thickness, I am unable to add a dimension because when I lift my pen off the screen the dimension dialog disappears. Hopefully I’m missing a step and there is a simple solution?
Thank You

You should be able to start an offset, drag in a given direction then lift your pencil and the dimension input window will stay available for input. If you drag the dimension window from the top it becomes close-able and can disappear and reappear as you need it. If you’re having trouble with it disappearing go to settings in the top menu and choose General>Reset toolbar positions which will dock the dims input at the top and prevent it from hiding between inputs.

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Does not work.
I drag my pencil to offset, lift it to specify a dimension, and the dimension dialog disappears.

tried this?

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I didn’t see @TheOnlyAaron actually input any dimensions in that tutorial. But you can see the dims box pinned to the top of his screen where it will not disappear. Try following the steps I outlined to reset your toolbar positions and then try offset again.