Dimensioning problem in Layout

I have a problem with dimensioning when I’ve sent the model to layout. I used the offset tool in sketchup to show the external wall thickness as 305mm but when I do the dimensioning in layout its converted to metres and its showing one wall as 0.31 and the other as 0.3, but they should both be shown as 305mm. Any ideas? TIA

Also when setting the dimensioning offset away from the model in layout I can’t type in the distance I have to manually move the dimension line out to 35mm or whatever it is. Is there anyway I can just move the dimension line in the right direction then type in the distance like sketchup?

What do you see if you increase the precision of those dimensions? Select those two dimensions, go to the Dimension Style panel and add another place or two right of the decimal.

Make sure both dimensions are anchored correctly.

You should be able to type in the offset dimension. Exactly what steps are you using when you do the offset?

If you are trying to drag the offset to 305 you could be off enough to induce a rounding error.

Got it, thanks I wasn’t sure how to change the dimension settings and when I changed it to mm instead of metres it worked.

I mean how far the lines showing the dimensions are from the dimension they are showing in layout. I’m picking the points then moving the mouse away and the number is increasing in the box but I can’t set the distance. This is in layout

As I’m pulling the 838 dimension away I would like to type 35mm into the box shown green but it doesn’t do anything

You can type the Offset dimension in LayOut, too. Do the same thing I showed. Make sure you aren’t clicking after offsetting and that you aren’t moving the cursor to the window at the bottom of the screen.

I definitly not. I’m clicking on the first dimensioning point then the second, then moving the dimension line away in the right direction then typing in how far I want it away but it doesn’t move the line at all

That’s different than using the Offset tool. I guess I’ve never wanted to type in the distance that dimensions are set away from the drawing before. Not sure what the developers have in mind with that but maybe @adam could chime in.

Thanks for your help anyway. I can do it manually but its going to take a long time!

I do it manually all the time and don’t find it takes long at all. Once I’ve set the first dimension where I want it, the rest are basically the same.

Interesting. I had not noticed the input changing to offset but you seem to be right. It doesn’t do what you would logically suppose - unless I simply haven’t understood what it’s for.

Thanks for bringing this up. We don’t currently support user text input in the dimension tool, but I can see how it could provide a useful workflow. We will consider this feature request alongside our other feature work and bug fixes.



Thanks for the input Adam.