Offset Tool problem - beginner

Just a beginner, following the 3rd video tutorial, trying to exactly duplicate what the demo shows in the video.

Having created a rectangle (for sketching a window); then successfully inset the edges by 3". OK, no problem.

Now trying to create an inset of 1" within the smaller rectangle So Select the smaller rectangle face, then hit Inset tool, then go the the edge of the smaller rectangle, clicking, dragging inward, then going to the Dimension box and typing 1", This inset keeps going OUTSIDE the selected rectangle, “biting into” the original 3" inset . So now there is a '2" and a 1" inset.

I swear I am duplicating what the tutorial shows, but obviously doing something wrong. Appreciate any guidance, this is my third attempt to learn SU, starting many many years back. More determined this time. !

I assume you are referring to the Offset tool since there is no “Inset tool”. Are you moving the cursor to outside the rectangular face or leaving it over the selected interior face? Are you clicking and releasing the button when you start the offset action? Are you letting go of the mouse before you type the offset distance?

Try drawing another rectangle and go through the offset steps again. See what you get.

Offset, of course, thank you. Wow, finally figured out what I was mis-doing ! Thanks, On to the next step…

What were you mis-doing? Maybe it’ll help someone else.

Thank you. I think I was confused, as the Offset click-release sequence is not the same as the PushPull:

For PushPull, you

  1. click-release the chosen surface,
  2. then move the cursor a preliminary distance,
  3. then click-release again,
  4. then go to the Dimension field, type a dimension,
  5. then hit enter.
    which changes your preliminary Push or Pull dimension to the actual one entered.

For Offset, you have to skip #3, and move cursor to the Dimension field without clicking a preliminary Offset distance, for if you do, the Offset is “set”, and a Dimension entry will not change anything.

Also the tutorial video for Offset used the language, “click…then pull” which I was equating to “click and drag”, so I was trying various combinations of all the wrong things to do.

I am thinking that if a keyboard “D” was available to go directly to the Dimension field, that might be helpful, similar to the other single letter commands in the menus.

Thanks again, I am sure this will not be my last beginner’s question !

Don’t try to go to the Dimension field as you call it, just start to move, let go of the mouse, type and hit enter.

Glad you got it sorted.

Actually for Push/Pull, you can either click and release, then move the cursor or click and while holding the cursor move it in the desired direction.

You don’t need a keyboard shortcut to go to the “Dimension field” i.e. Measurements Box. You don’t click in it before entering the distance. If it is available for entering a distance or other value, its field will be white.

Box types faster. :wink:

FYI: if you find that you type in 1" and it goes to the wrong side of the line, just type in -1" and it will go to the other side.

(Note: no moving the mouse in-between typing or you will loose the ability to alter the size.)

I use this quite a bit on push/pull, stretch and offset commands - I move in the opposite direction from the one I need and type in a negative value; it’s sometimes easier to do that when existing geometry is in the way.