Question about OffsetTool and entering value in Measurements box

I’ve noticed that sometimes, when using the Offset Tool, I can enter a dimension after releasing the mouse and sometimes I cannot. I have not found a clue, visual or otherwise, that will let me know when I can enter a dimension and have the offset distance set to that dimensions and when I cannot.

I’ve not found any reference to the way it operates in any of the tutorials I’ve read or videos I’ve watched, but perhaps I missed it.


Not sure what this has to do with Follow Me but, if the Measurements box is ready to take input from you, its background will be white. Else it is gray. It should be available if you start the offset in the desired direction and let go of the mouse. Don’t double click and don’t hold the mouse button while moving the cursor. Click and release once on one of the edges, move the cursor, let go of the mouse and type the offset distance.

No, this is not about the Follow Me tool but about the Offset Tool. I think you answered my question. I have been placing the cursor within the face then moving the mouse to approximate the offset distance from the edge.I will try a single click then entry of the offset distance.

Thanks, Dave!!