I can't get my offset command to work

Hi all! First time poster here and relatively comfortable with sketchup…novice really. I am having an issue lately that I can’t quite figure out. I’m going through the sketchup campus and my offset command isn’t working. When I activate it and hover over the face of a 2D shape it highlights in the little blue dots but once I click the tips at the bottom say “drag face to extrude alt=face perimeter” without any sort of a grip or cursor. I’m just making a flat rectangle and no feedback here. I’ve looked all over and can’t find a solution anywhere.

You don’t have to click and drag. You can click, release, and move your mouse. Or, you can click, release, enter a number and press enter.

It seems you mean that the face is ‘selected’ or ‘highlighted’ when you say “little blue dots”. If that correct you should be good to go. But if the face isn’t being selected, you may be working with a component, in which case you have to first double click on it to enter the components’ context, then select the Offset Tool.

Ahhh, it’s been a bit and I’m trying to remember everything. I’m used to AutoCAD and have been using “f” as my offset shortcut wondering why it didn’t work; I didn’t realize that was the “follow me” command :man_facepalming: we’re good now though. Thanks for the help! Should I just delete this lol

By default F is the keyboard shortcut for Offset and there is no deefault shortcut for Follow Me. You must have edited that at some point. I edited mine years ago and made O the shortcut for Offset (no need for a shortcut for Orbit) and F for Follow Me.

I guess that’s the case. It was probably from when I was doing a molding profile for a bookcase. I keep offset as f because I don’t have to move my hand over so it’s right there and I expect to use it fairly often. Same thing with move which is now v instead of m.

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