Did offset tool go bye bye in latest free version?

I haven’t used sketchup in years since it was a google product. I’m using the free web version now but I can’t seem to locate the offset tool. Have they removed it from the free version?

It should be with Push/Pull and Follow Me.
Screenshot - 3_10_2023 , 12_39_43 PM

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Did you try the F key?

Thank you! It’s been driving me crazy trying to find that tool! You made my day.

No but I’ll try that tonight. Is it just the plain ole F key or ctrl + F?

Just F.

If you click on the Search button at the top of the toolbar on the left and start to type the name of the tool, you’ll see a description of it, the toolbar button and the keyboard shortcut.
Screenshot - 3_13_2023 , 9_37_52 AM

FWIW, I changed the keyboard shortcut for Offset to O so I can assign F for Follow Me. O is normally used to call Orbit but I have no use for that since Orbit is called by pressing the CMB.

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