Keybinds/Shortcuts for Tools/Functions

Hello! I just got SketchUp Free/Web yesterday after a ~2 year hiatus from SketchUp. The last time I used it: as far as I knew it was Desktop-only, I thought it was owned by Google, and I had access to it through my school. Needless to say, there’s been some rough adjustments in addition to being rusty, particularly with the interface.

Are there shortcuts or keybinds for switching tools? I know that with the Orbit tool selected I can hold shift and it’ll become Pan, but I’d like to easily and quickly switch to Select, Erase, etc. I thought I remembered being able to do that before, but either way, it would be extremely useful to have a quicker way to switch tools than dragging my cursor to the left side of the window–especially when I only need to do minor adjustments/short amounts of time between switching tools, etc. I’ve looked in the Instructor tab-thingy-whatever and searched in Settings (and using the Search bar itself as well) but haven’t been able to find anything. Thanks in advance for letting me know/helping me out!

Click on the magnifying glass at the top of the toolbar on the left. Search for a tool and you should see options to set shortcut.

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Wow, sometimes I miss the obvious things. Thank you! This will make life much easier.

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That was ~12 years ago.

I found a news article from 2012 saying Google announced they were selling it, which was 8 years ago. I was probably just mistaken that Google owned it at the time I thought that, as I first used SketchUp about 6 years ago.

Sorry, typo on my part, meant to say they sold it in 2012, that was 8 years ago.