Feedback registration and keyboard shortcuts Sketchup Web

Just wanted to give some feedback on registering for a trial of SketchUp shop or as a paying user. It would really help if you pointed out better that we’ve to activate the license for a specific user on the “Members” page in Trimble Account Management. This could be done in the order confirmation e-mails or on the “Plans” page.

An issue I have with SketchUp Web is that I pretty often find that it stops taking keyboard input (esp. for the shortcuts, i.e. o for Orbit, h for Hand etc. I think it’s because the interface is modal and I’m in some unfamiliar mode, but it might also be a bug.

In FireFox I can’t access the Hand tool from the Orbit tool by holding shift, as works fine in Chrome. This is a very convenient shortcut so is very missed in this browser which works fine otherwise.

Hope this is useful.

Thanks for the feedback, Matthias (and sorry I am just seeing it now).

I just tested that Pan/Orbit handoff in Firefox and couldn’t reproduce the problem you’re experiencing. Does this happen consistently for you, or was it just a persistent issue during one of your work sessions in SketchUp for Web?

No problem, thanks for your response.

I do not have this problem consistently, but it occurs often. It’s in Firefox on Linux with Wayland if it helps.

In Chromium on the same machine I also have problems. I think the problem may be related to being locked in a “mode”. For example, I’m using the tape tool, and I want to switch to orbit. I’m doing this normally by pressing the ‘o’ key. But sometimes the ‘o’ key doesn’t work, neither do space to go to select mode, escape, etc. I know that SketchUp uses keys to enter for example a length when using the tape tool. This is not what’s happening, because when that happens I see the 'o’s appear in the right bottom (this is also annoying, why would I want to enter an ‘o’ for a length, it makes sense to only enter digits and a seperator, it would make more sense for me to switch to orbit…).

As a side note, I notice considerable lag from SketchUp for Web saving in the background. It would be great if the software would delay this operation to some period of inactivity or little activity. It is making the software unresponsive for at least 10 seconds (laptop with 8 core i7-3630QM, 16GB RAM, SSD).