List of shortcuts for sketchup for web, spacebar not working

hi there,

I’m clearly being an idiot, but I cannot for the life of me find a list of keyboard shortcuts for the web version.
I started using it last week, and was surprised that it was actually quite usable.
However I now find that the spacebar does not toggle me in to select.
I thought it did last week but maybe not.
(win 10, chrome)
(I can’t use make, as my graphics card gives the 3 second pause on select issue)

any pointers? it’s a bit insane that the only way to work out keyboard shortcuts is to guess/hope that they’re the same as the desktop version (some are, but clearly not all - understandable given the restrictions of running in a browser)



OK - 2 mins later and the spacebar works - go figure!!
the query over a shortcut list stands though…


Standard shortcuts should be the same as desktop versions…

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