None of the keyboard shortcuts work

I am teaching SketchUp to a group of elementary school kids. The Librarian installed SketchUp 15 Pro on 3 identical machines running Windows 8. Two work flawlessly (as far as I can tell at this stage), but the third is exhibiting issues with the keyboard shortcuts. None of them work. The space-bar does not return to the selection tool, nor will M, P, L, or R invoke the respective tools. I can choose the rectangle tool and input my desired dimensions, so I know that the keyboard is functional. Just in case, we swapped the keyboard out, but that had no effect on the shortcut situation. I have not checked the shortcut assignments, but since this is a fresh install I will be surprised if they have been tampered with. Many thanks! [ 8^}>

The librarian just emailed me that the computers being used are Dell Optiplex 7010’s.

Someone’s key logger is interfering. :frowning:

Hey Barry:

Is your offered keylogger solution a possibility or a certainty? I ask because I don’t want to throw the librarian into a panic if I don’t have too. I’d be surprised if the administration of a k-5 school would be installing keyloggers on any of the school’s library machines, and if they did why didn’t they do all of them?

I could probably find a hardware keylogger and remove it, but I will have to do some research on how to discovery/remove a software version.


[ 8^}>

I was just guessing; but I’ve worked on elementary school computers, and you’d be amazed. I have a few funny stories. I wouldn’t mention it, but I’d look into how to detect it.

One of the other funky things on PC’s is how you can get thrown into foreign keyboards and languages once you enable Input Method Editors (IME). I’ve run tests where suddenly keys didn’t work, only to find my keyboard had recognized some shortcut and switched to German.