Keyboard shortcuts sometimes stop working

Sometimes whilst working on my design the keyboard shortcuts stop working … or at least some of them do. I haven’t tested thoroughly but often the Select (spacebar) won’t work along with one or two others.

The only way to fix it is to save then close and restart.

This is the free, web version btw.

Anyone know of a fix?


could be a conflicting browser extension or add-onn.
What Browser?

Hi, yes I’m using Firefox. Is that OK?

Hey Wozza; I’ve heard of this problem before. We’d love to learn more about it. The next time this happens to you, would you be willing to take a screenshot of the developer console in your browser? In Firefox, you can pull this up via Tools > Web Developer > Web Console.

I’ll keep an eye on this thread… thanks!

OK will do. :grinning:

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