Shortcut Keys stop working

I have this issue where every time I shut my laptop and then open it the next day and log back in, and then open the google tab that I had minimized, certain important keyboard shortcuts stop working. If anybody would like me to test an entire list of shortcuts that aren’t working at the moment, than just ask (and provide maybe a list of all the shortcuts for me to test). But as far as I can list off of the top of my head, the Space key (select) does not work, the E key (erase) does not work, the C key (circle) does not work, the S key (scale) does not work, the M key (move) does not work, and that’s only the stuff that I actually know doesn’t work. There may be many other shortcuts that I don’t use that may not work. The only working ones that I know of are B, L, Q, H, O, Z, F, P, K, and that’s it.

Do you have your browser set up to clear cookies when you shut down?

I don’t shut down in these issues, I shut the lid and it sleeps. And no, I don’t clear browser cookies. It is quite mysterious of an issue, since some of them still work.

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