The license seat has been removed from my old machine for Enscape, But I still cannot Activate License on my new machine

I have done everything required, the license has been deactivated for Enscape from the old machine. I have installed Enscape on my new machine and have it as an extension on sketchup. Yet when I enter the license key I am told that the other seat is still activated and so I still cannot use Enscape.

Why will this not work?

Thanks in advance,


You should go to support on enscape’s website and ask them for a solution to your problem.

I have, and my posts have been ignored by the moderator, he has not even enabled my account. It has been an entire day.

I don’t know that anyone here can help with Enscape licensing… maybe someone will have been through the same and might have advice.

Your best bet would be to try to contact Enscape support or sales directly.

Contact support, not only enscape forum.