Re-install Enscape on new version of Sketchup

So I’ve just downloaded Sketchup 2019 since my 2018 version expired. But now my Enscape (which my subscription is still good for) does not show up in my new version of Sketchup. Is there any way to reinstall it into my Sketchup without paying for it again?

How did that happen? Was it the trial period?

All, but the four native extensions need to be installed with every new version.

Download the newest verson of enscape and install it, again

I bought them each at different times in the year. I never had a problem with my version of Enscape (downloaded in August 2018) working with my Sketchup, but now no matter what version of Enscape I download it refuses to open the renderer in my version of Sketchup (2019 now, just doing a trial as I only have two months of school left). Can’t figure out why even a 2017 version says I don’t have a good enough graphics card when whatever version I downloaded 6 months ago worked fine!!

what version? I think the latest is 2.4.2

Is Enscape still working in SketchUp 2018?

In that case you should go to [Menu] Extensions->Enscape->About


And visit the download area:

download here:

When downloaded, make sure all SketchUp and LayOut is closed, rightclick in the download folder on the installer and choose ‘Run as Administrator’
All settings and licenses should be transfered to SketchUp 2019

I can’t even access my Sketchup 2018 since the license expired. I bought a new license but Sketchup just decided to be lovely and do the opposite of what I wanted to do and automatically put the new license in my 2019 version, even though I wanted a new license so I could access my Sketchup 2018 again because I never had problems with it. Anyway, I downloaded Enscape again (I did the July 2018 version because I assume that’s what I had before, but the toolbar doesn’t automatically show up in Sketchup like it used to when I downloaded it before the first time last year. I downloaded Shaderlight too as a trial and that automatically appears in my Sketchup 2019 with no problems. When I download Enscape in my Sketchup 2019 within the Extension Warehouse, it says that the only version of Enscape that shows up is not compatible with Sketchup 2019 (but is with 2016, 2017, and 2018). There are no other Enscape’s that show up in the Sketchup Extension Warehouse.

Further, when I try to use the newest version of Enscape, I get this message. Never had a problem with my graphics card before.error

So, this was a student license?
Student licenses expire after a year and are then ‘thrown away’
That is probably why you would need a new:

Do not install through the Extension Warehouse, download the installer file:

But at that time, there was no SketchUp 2019…

Graphic errors like these can be solved by letting the system know that you want the ‘dedicated Graphic card’ to be used by the programs. You can rightclick on an empty space of the desktop and choose NVIDIA
there, you can manage the programs that need to use the graphic card…