The Enscape plugin does not show up in Sketchup

I have tried several times by restarting my laptop, updating my graphics disk, transferring the plug-in through the folders, but nothing has helped so far. It arose when Sketchup and Enscape both updated to the latest version.

When you say it doesn’t appear, do you mean the gui toolbar doesn’t auto populate on your screen, or that it doesn’t show up in the contextual menu when you right click on an area of the screen that has a toolbar (or the toolbar menu)? If you mean the latter, enscape toolbar just status hidden since it isn’t loaded from the plugin manager during an active session like most plugins. Hopefully the right click or toolbar menu should show you your enscape panel. If you mean that it’s completely missing, like it’s not in the list, I haven’t run into that problem and probably wont be a ton of help.

No SketchUp plugins will ‘carry over’ between major versions (2022, 2023, 2024). You need to reinstall whatever plugins you have in 2023 for them to work in 2024.

Note too that there is a new version of Enscape that is compatible with SketchUp 2024.

same for me, i downloaded skp 2024 and enscape 4.0 in my PC and escape doesn’t show up anywhere

I’ve had this a few times - I think I had to install it as an administrator- then install it for all users

Did you run the installer exe ? Right click it and choose “Run as administrator”.

It will install into its own folder in the %ProgramFiles% directory, but will put the SketchUp extension loaders into the %ProgramData% path for all versions of SketchUp installed, for all users who use the machine.