The Joy of Teaching

I’ve just finished teaching this academic year’s drawing/SketchUp class. This is my sixth year, and it’s been a fun and enlightening experience. I was tasked with teaching perspective, so I did that in the hand drawing half of the course, and to continue the theme, included Match Photo in the SketchUp half. While I used SU for Schools last year, this year I had to go back to SketchUp Make 2017 as Schools doesn’t do Match Photo. Any plans for that to ever happen? (Hint, hint @joy) I believe I’m being asked to teach this class again.

The last exercise was to model a stool from a photograph, which is what they’re all doing in the picture.

I was hoping to cover Vanishing Point in Photoshop, but a snow day left me a little short of classes. We did get into using Match Photo to prep output for compositing in Photoshop.

Even the hand drawing part of the class was an opportunity to use SketchUp for some of the teaching materials like this animation explaining one, two and three point perspective and vanishing points.

Now if I only had proctors to go around and help like we had at 3D Basecamp…


Very nice!
I think its very important, to teach young people in modern technology! In my hometown there is a - so called “technology-studio/workshop”, and the offer SketchUp-Classes for Kids. And the even Print Stuff with a 3d-Printer.