Match photo feature for Sketchup Go (Shop?)

just wanted to ask if the match photo feature is available for Sketchup Web.
I had purchased the Shop version, though I am not completely sure what features/products I have access to now.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks

So far, the desktop versions of SketchUp are the only ones that do Match Photo. There is little evidence that it will ever make it’s way into the web version. I think there has been a stated desire to bring it to iPad, but as yet it does not. SketchUp Make 2017 does do Match Photo, and in fact, the last time I taught it in school, we had to abandon SketchUp for Schools (a web version) and go back to Make 2017 to do it.

I see,
Adding it to the iPad version would really help, in my opinion
It would make it a really solid modelling tool, and it would utilise iPad’s camera as well.